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Zero to Hero: What turned me into a “blogger”.

Zero to Hero, Day Three: A Penny for Your thoughts:

So, you blog now?

What was on my mind when I started this blog?  I have no idea!  At the time I was mad at life.  Not in the “woe is me” kind of way.  I just found myself focusing on all the little things throughout my day.  Mainly at work, since it takes a large percentage of our lives.  I remember saying to myself “I hate my job!”  As soon as I said that another voice slapped me upside the head.  “I don’t hate my job.  I love what I do”.  I just let all the little things build up to the point that I couldn’t focus on each problem / solution.  It was just a big jumble of AHHHH!  It was amazing how just after the first few posts my mind was more at ease.  I have always known that writing was a kind of self-therapy however never thought that was for me.  Besides, it’s not me, it’s everybody else right? Read the rest of this entry »


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Zero to hero, Blogging 101, umadyet style.

Zero to hero, Day one: Introduce yourself.

Who am I an’ wher’ mI at?” (say it in a drunken voice)

Have you ever had one of those “Who am I and where am I at?” moments?  There were plenty of those mornings (early mornings) in my 20’s where I have asked that question.  This may have been due to the mass quantities of cereal malt beverages that were consumed the night before.  With each shot I took, a little closer to the answer of that question.  As soon as I was close to the end of the quest, BOOM!  There’s the morning.  The rudely bright sun shining into the window (of my car) erasing all the progress from the night before.  Forced to go through the day preparing to join the quest for the answer.  Each day and night teaching me what I already knew. What did I find out then?

  • I’m invincible!
  • Transferring from the University as a music education major to the “College of Life” was the best decision I could’ve ever made!
  • I can stay and up party to 4am and be at work at 7 without a problem.
  • Being single, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”
  • Being in a relationship, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”
  • Government and politics, boring! (Vote for George Clinton, “funk you very much!”)
  • Money, ya I got it!  I’ve got 3 major credit cards and 5 store cards that say I do!

Looking back now at 36, what did I learn? Read the rest of this entry »

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Is Lux a mean cat or just programed that way?

So the situation from the first post has been resolved. However, in a way I didn’t anticipate.  The tempers flared with a coworker and myself last week.  Actions and words exchanged between us would show an outsider that things would not smooth out between us.  I thought to myself that we would not be able to work together again.  I felt like crap for the next couple days after it happened.  (Similar to that sick gut feeling after a bad breakup with a girlfriend.)  The event replayed in my mind over and over all weekend. Sleep was interrupted because of these thoughts.  Was I wrong?  Again, as I stated in my first post and still stand behind, I was right about the issue however wrong on how I handled it.  Did I mess up our work environment because of my ATTD? (See my about section.)

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Are you mad at the shopping cart or the world around you?

Do you ever get ticked off about something and wonder why no one else is? It could be at work, personal life, something in the media or just something you see a stranger do in your day to day travels.  I like to view myself as a happy person however I feel I am coming down with an anger management problem. The thing is, I don’t know if this is an actual problem or a reaction to the events that surround me.


Let’s explore this:

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