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Is it that hard to say hello?

Payday, time to spend some money!  Where should I go?


There’s a Wal-Mart across the street from work is a good place to start.  Never been a huge fan of Wal-Mart, however the location and availability of stuff is convenient. So here I go… Read the rest of this entry »

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What I learned from my pizza

Saturday night, a few beers in, time for some pizza.  Now, I prefer to eat at home instead of a jail cell, so delivery it is!  I pick up that magical device and open the GrubHub app. (Pizza, yes there’s an app for that!)  After selecting the lucky establishment for my order, I make my selection.  With a few extras my total came to $26.96.  I accept, bring on the food!  Little did I know the lesson I was about to learn.


Not from Benitos, I didn’t have any left by the time of this post.

Having enough in hand to pay for this and tip, I waited patiently by the door.  (Well, that is after I got the “You’re food is on the way!” text.)  The headlights come down the court, pull into the drive, here it comes!  If I had a tail, I’d be wagging it by now.  “Your total is $29.92” said the driver.  WHAT?!  This extra $2.96 threw me off guard.  I was not prepared for this at all.  Should I short change the guy his tip due to the increase in the price?  No, that’s not the right thing to do.  I delayed my pizza enjoyment and went to my room to get an extra $3.00 to resolve the situation.  Before the driver can put his car in drive, I’m diving into the first slice.  It just didn’t taste as good, knowing that this may be the slice that cost the extra hard-earned dough. (See what I did there…)  Read the rest of this entry »

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This job would be so much easier if it wasn’t for the customer!

I cannot wait until they raise the minimum wage!

I have a local store I go to a few times a month.  You may have been to one of these.  They’re the kind that has everything you need under one roof.  Their prices are lower than anyone else (so they say.)  They’ve “kicked out” all of the mom and pop stores in the surrounding area.  I’m not going to name this place, lets just say it’s a mart that has wal(ls) around it.

I’m not going to get into the good and bad of these stores.  They’re here to stay.  My problem with them is the employees that work there.  From my experience they don’t seem to care about the job.  By the job, I mean their customers.

On one recent visit I went in looking for…. something.  Not sure what and it doesn’t matter.  (Don’t you hate it when someone is telling a story and they forget a detail that is the least bit important.  They just go on and on trying to remember.)   One employee just about ran me over with her stock cart.  No excuse me, no apology, just a glare.  I felt like I was in her way!  I was in her path however I’m the customer.  I would hope she would at least say “pardon me sir would you mind if I pass through?”  Not one of us would say no.  Here’s a thought how about “Hello sir, are you finding everything ok?”

This job would be so much easier if it wasn’t for the customers!

640px-Wakool_Supermarket Read the rest of this entry »

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Thanks for calling, please get to the point!

Me: Thank you for calling Prestissimo Music, how can I help you?

Caller: Yes, hello.  My name is Mrs. Ma Non Troppo.  My daughter Largo, goes to Canon High School.  She plays cello and just got back from solo and ensemble last weekend.  She got a blue ribbon!  She used to play viola until she fell in love with the sound of the Cello and has played it ever since.  My younger daughter Larghetto, goes to D. S. Al fine Middle School.  She started playing the violin last year.  She took home a red ribbon at solo and ensemble!  The both have a concert this week on Thursday at Adagissio Auditorium.  I wanted to ask you, what time do you close today?

Me: Six O’clock.  Is there anything I may do before you get here that I can help you out with?

Caller:  No that’s all I needed to know.  Thank you!

Me: Ok…  Thank you for calling, have a great day…

Click. (The click was from her.  I’ve been taught in sales to always be the last to hang up, just in case there’s that “Oh, one more thing.”)


Read the rest of this entry »

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