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Is Lux a mean cat or just programed that way?

So the situation from the first post has been resolved. However, in a way I didn’t anticipate.  The tempers flared with a coworker and myself last week.  Actions and words exchanged between us would show an outsider that things would not smooth out between us.  I thought to myself that we would not be able to work together again.  I felt like crap for the next couple days after it happened.  (Similar to that sick gut feeling after a bad breakup with a girlfriend.)  The event replayed in my mind over and over all weekend. Sleep was interrupted because of these thoughts.  Was I wrong?  Again, as I stated in my first post and still stand behind, I was right about the issue however wrong on how I handled it.  Did I mess up our work environment because of my ATTD? (See my about section.)

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