umadyet news: Week in review 04/20/2014

Welcome to umadyet’s Week in review 04/20/2014

One thing I have started to notice since starting this section is how many of the stories relate to schools.  In the one place where we are shaping the future generation all this madness keeps popping up.  Is it that schools are in such focus from our media or is there something more to it?  I have nothing but respect for our teachers, however the system, administration and lawyers involved seen to be messing it up.  So here we go.

School wants dress code, for parents:

A school board member in Florida thinks that parents need to tidy up a bit.  To the point that they want parents that pick up or drop off their kids to have a dress code.  Apparently (see what I did there)  these adults showing up in short shorts, PJ’s, sagging pants, hair curlers or whatever are setting a bad example for the kids.  Now I get the fact that parents should set be a good role model for the kids.  The fact they get there kids to school in the first place should be enough in this instance.  As long as they make sure the kids are adhering to the school’s dress code, what does it matter what the parents look like.  Most may be heading back home to start the day, or even may work nights and just wake up enough to get the young’ns off to school. This guy feels it will be hard to tell the students not to wear short shorts, or sag their pants if the parents are doing the same thing.  The administration at least has the common sense to know that they will unlikely be able to write or even enforce a parent dress code.  He did come up with an idea of a fashion show during parent night.  I’m sure that idea will go over well.  As long as moma stripper or daddy gangbanger don’t show up in uniform, I think we’ll be OK.  It’s time to focus on something more important.

sources: SunSentinel,  Miami Herald,

Boy gets suspended for asking girl to prom:

The boy, a student at a Pennsylvania high school student.  The girl well, she’s Miss America.  During an assembly at school the student walked up to Miss America with a plastic rose and asked her to prom.  Every boys dream right, to have Miss America as a date.  He should be given a pat on the back for having the courage to go up to her.  Why is this such a big deal right?  Well it turns out the school knew about this beforehand and had warned the student not to go forward with it.  After the incident, the school has disciplined him to a three-day in school suspension.  Miss America had heard about this and has asked the school to reconsider.  I say (for the first time in this blog) good for the school!  The kid was warned, he ignored it and disrupted the assembly.  I think the school was in the right here and did the right thing.  The student could have asked for the date any multiple other ways.  In my opinion he wasn’t looking for the date, just the attention from the other students.  Mission accomplished!

sources: New York Daily News, Fox News

Soft drink could cost man $525:

A South Carolina man refilled his beverage at the local Veterans Affairs hospital.  He didn’t see the no refills signs posted.  A federal police officer on site caught him and issued a federal citation of $525 for “theft of government property.”  I’ve got multiple problems with this.  If I saw a self-serve soda machine, I would think free refills.  That’s just how it’s done here.  Not to mention the low-cost in refills to the business.  If they didn’t want to give free refills, customers should not have access to it.  They did post signs however it is not mentioned where they were posted.  I would think one big sign on the machine would be enough?  If he missed this then he’s guilty.  Let’s just say he had every intention to screw the system and steal the refill.  It’s only 89 cents!  Make him pay for that.  At least tell him, “there are no refill signs posted sir, please refrain from this in the future.”  Now on the Federal Officer that issued the ticket.  REALLY?  I’m not sure what he was doing there but I’m hoping it was not to deter refill stealers.  If the hospital had time to complain to the officer, they had time to talk to the…. thief.  If not the hospital, then the officer is being really observant of those paying for refills.  I am sure there are better things he could be doing.  (Maybe watching for the parents with saggy pants or curlers in their hair?)  The citation has been changed to a warning, however it looks like this man is out of a job.  He was an on-site construction worker at that hospital.  Now that an expensive drink.

sources: WCSC news, USA Today

other umadyet news: Stupid criminals:

Two men caught in the act after calling 911– One of the two suspects pocket dialed 911 while they were robbing a car repair shop.  The dispatcher overheard a conversation and sent the police.  Both robbers were caught in the act and charged with third-degree burglary.

Man has problem with computer, gets arrested– It turns out, if you steal a computer, it is not a good idea to call for tech support using the serial number.  A N.H. man got an email from Apple about his recent tech support request.  The only problem is the computer was stolen from his home the year before.  He called the police who used the tech support to find the thief.   Maybe he should have taken the user manual as well.

If you steal a car, don’t drive it to court-  Man steals a car from a car dealer, it has GPS installed. (Strike one.)  He then lets his wife drive it to a courthouse appearance. (Strike two.)  Officers used the GPS to trace the car to the courthouse (had different set of plates on it..) He and his wife were arrested for the stolen vehicle and, get this, possession of a controlled substance. (Strike three, you’re out!)

umadyet news: Week in review

  • Parents, time to dress up for school.
  • If you the school tells you not to do something, don’t do it!
  • Make sure to read the signs before your next soft drink, it could cost you lots of money, possibly your job.
  • If you are going to commit a crime, think it through a bit. Don’t call 911, don’t call customer service, and don’t drive the stolen vehicle to court!

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  1. #1 by Athena OfAthens on April 26, 2014 - 5:18 pm

    um…WHOA….trying to enforce a parental dress code for dropping off their kids to school? OMFG. I have something to say about this crazy ass law….wow.

    Before my kids were stolen from me….

    My oldest son start kindergarten. At the time, he was 6, because I held him back a year because I really didn’t want to send him to school at all. I wanted to home-school him. Nevertheless, the family rebelled and I sent him to public school.

    My husband had moved out of our home a year before my son started school. I also had three younger children, ages 1, 2, and 4, plus an older daughter, from my first marriage, who was in jr. high school.

    I would not let him ride the bus to school because the bus would not come down our street. The bus loaded at the front of my neighborhood, three streets away, on a very busy highway. There was NO WAY IN HELL I was letting my baby walk to the front of the neighborhood to load himself on the bus and there was NO WAY I was walking my son and his baby brother and sister three streets up to where the school bus came.

    So, did I drop my son off to school while I was still in my robe and pajamas? YES.

    My hatred for our country and it’s dumbass laws is slowly manifesting into utter despair for the people who don’t even realize what’s going on….

    People who don’t know their history ARE DOOMED TO REPEAT IT.

    Get ready for, Auschwitz, Americans…..


    • #2 by umadyet on April 26, 2014 - 5:23 pm

      Remember it’s not our country we should hate, it’s still awesome. You are right on the money with the rest. The rules, regulations, and the people that care more about what happened on reality tv vs what happening in reality. Time to wake them up!

      Liked by 1 person

      • #3 by Athena OfAthens on April 26, 2014 - 5:27 pm

        I’ve been trying since 2009….I gave up….I did…they’re brain-dead idiots….sorry if that’s offensive….but the truth usually is offensive.


  2. #4 by Athena OfAthens on April 26, 2014 - 5:31 pm

    and yes, I’m mad yet.

    Liked by 1 person

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