What I learned from my pizza

Saturday night, a few beers in, time for some pizza.  Now, I prefer to eat at home instead of a jail cell, so delivery it is!  I pick up that magical device and open the GrubHub app. (Pizza, yes there’s an app for that!)  After selecting the lucky establishment for my order, I make my selection.  With a few extras my total came to $26.96.  I accept, bring on the food!  Little did I know the lesson I was about to learn.


Not from Benitos, I didn’t have any left by the time of this post.

Having enough in hand to pay for this and tip, I waited patiently by the door.  (Well, that is after I got the “You’re food is on the way!” text.)  The headlights come down the court, pull into the drive, here it comes!  If I had a tail, I’d be wagging it by now.  “Your total is $29.92” said the driver.  WHAT?!  This extra $2.96 threw me off guard.  I was not prepared for this at all.  Should I short change the guy his tip due to the increase in the price?  No, that’s not the right thing to do.  I delayed my pizza enjoyment and went to my room to get an extra $3.00 to resolve the situation.  Before the driver can put his car in drive, I’m diving into the first slice.  It just didn’t taste as good, knowing that this may be the slice that cost the extra hard-earned dough. (See what I did there…) 

Not to make a big deal about $3, however wanting my voice to be heard, I sent an email to GrubHub customer service.

Good evening GrubHub! Just got my order from Benitos Pizza, here’s the bill I got from you. The total should have been $26.96.  When the driver came tonight, he said the total was $29.92.  I’m just wondering where the extra $2.96 came from?  Not that it’s going to put me in the poor house, however in my work when I tell someone a price, I expect them to pay that price.  If I were to tell my customers a higher price when they went to pay most would be not to happy. Anyways, not trying to make a big deal out of this, just surprised me. (Excuse me while I take a bite, I’m hungry!)………..  YUM!…   I did not get a receipt from the driver and I paid cash so……? I’ve ordered from GrubHub and Benitos plenty of times.  Only the 2nd time I’ve had any issue, and the 1st with it being a money problem.  If you could please let me know what happened it would be greatly appreciated.   Sincerely from a mostly satisfied GrubHub / Benitos customer,

I didn’t know what I would get from this email, however I knew that someday by someone, my voice would be heard.  I was surprised to get an email within 30 seconds.

Hey there, Thanks for the email. Unfortunately, we get quite a few of them and speedy replies aren’t always guaranteed. But don’t worry – this email contains a cornucopia of great advice to help you get the aid you need when you need it:

Autoresponse.  Well, it is Easter eve.  I wouldn’t expect someone to be working at a food delivery website.  I will just look forward to a reply, maybe sometime next week.  Back to the subject at hand, my pizza!  Time for another, BING.  What the?  Another email from GrubHub.  Another auto response, nope.  In less than 10 minutes at 11:23PM I got an email from an actual person!  (I’ve waited on hold with other companies for longer.)

Benito’s Pizza tells us that they entered your 3 topping pizza at regular price instead of as the Large 3 Topping Pizza Special which you selected. They are recording a credit of $10 for a future order. The next time you place an order for Benito’s Pizza we will give them a call to remind them of this credit. We are also sending $5 in Free Grub for a future order. Thanks, GrubHub.

Not only did they respond back in under 10 minutes, they fixed the problem.  They contacted the pizza place, found the error and then went above and beyond to make sure I remain a happy customer.  $15 for a $3 mistake.  I must let this person know how great of a job they did.  In my reply:

Thanks for the unexpected quick reply.  You all should teach customer service classes for the rest of the world! The $15 extra for such a little mistake is…. WOW!  Not needed, however it will be used. Thanks again for being all the GrubHub you can be.

Without missing a beat:

Steve, That made us all warm & fuzzy inside! We really appreciate you, and are glad to be able to provide world-class Customer Service to folks, because well.. we think you’re pretty rad too! Please let us know if there is ever anything we can do to assist you. We’ve got your back 24/7, 365. You Rock! Thanks for using, GrubHub. Stay Awesome. -Nyla H. GrubHub Customer Care

Now that’s just made this Pizza the best I’ve ever had!

GrubHub made customer service look easy.  How many times have you just thought “It’s not worth my time to make a complaint.” or “I just won’t do business with them anymore”?  As someone in customer service I know that those who have a complaint most of the time will not do anything to let you know.  They will however tell their story to as many people as possible.  I also know if you can solve a customer’s complaint above and beyond their satisfaction, you can have a customer for life.

What did I learn from GrubHub?  If you have a concern, tell someone!  If you are the one in customer service, go above and beyond to solve your customers concern.  It will be cheaper than trying to get a new customer!

(This is not an ad for them, however if you are looking for a good ordering experience give them a try at www.grubhub.com.)


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  1. #1 by umadyet on April 20, 2014 - 9:26 pm

    Here is a tweet I just got from GrubHub. It’s a cat! lol


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