umadyet news: Week in review 04/06/2014

Welcome to umadyet’s Week in review 04/06/2014

Another week in the books, still looking for the plane.  Looks like they have almost found it!  (Or have they?)  It’s still hard to believe that one of the biggest news events of 2014 still doesn’t really have any news.  So, I’m not going to review this, yet.

Here’s some random events that I’ve found umadyet worthy.

School not liable for Jew-Nazi role-playing lesson:

As part of a lesson on how the Jews were treated by the Nazis during the Holocaust, this class made some students wear a red ribbon.  Those with the ribbon must do everything school staff or other studen640px-Granger_Frontts tell them to. Picking up trash, being taken outside and sprayed with water hoses, carrying other students or just their books and bear-crawling across the track are some examples.  Last week I talked about lawsuit that included a school and parents that were sued due to bullying.  This is school sponsored bullying and a federal court states there was no evidence the school was the “moving force” behind the violations.  WHAT?  Just the “red ribbon day” activities should be enough evidence. I find it hard to believe in todays PC school systems that this would even exist.

sources: United Press International, Big News Network, Courthouse News Service

Jim Moran, (D-Va.) thinks members of Congress are underpaid:

This just breaks your heart doesn’t it?  $174,000 per year, it’s a wonder why anybody would even run for Congress.  Oh, that’s right, he knew how much they got paid before running.  He must of been forced into this job.  Mr. Moran states “I understand that it’s widely felt that they (congress) underperform, but the fact is that this is the board of business-finance-88410_640directors for the largest economic entity in the world.”  So USA is a company now?  Government is a business?  With a median income of $64,000 per year I think he’s going to have problems when asking for a raise.  I thought that being an elected member of our Government (that “we the people” should be the bosses) was a privilege.  I don’t think that they should do it for free however I think we may have a better outcome if these people were not in it for the money.

sources: CBS news, Roll Call.

Man calls off wedding, sends a text and lost $53,000:

A man broke up with his future bride via text message.  (That should be illegal on its own.)  The ex replied back with some choice words and his reply “Plus you get a $50,000
parting wedding-ring-3852_640ring. Enough for a down payment on a house.” Stupid is as stupid does.  This text message was used in the lawsuit to get the ring back.  The state supreme court said the text took the ring out of the “marriage contract” and is now a “parting gift.” I think he got what he deserved for using a text to end the relationship.

sources: News Day

Other umadyet news:

Pre-school girl expelled for saying the “s-word”– Here’s that evil “zero-tolerance” policy again.  This three-year old girl got expelled for saying “sh*t”.  Who knows where she heard this or if it was the first time.  This is a school.  I thought it was their job to educate.  Instead there is no chance of that if the kid can’t stay there.

Naked selfies lead to teens murder:- Two mexican teen girls took nude selfies.  After these photos were leaked, one teen took revenge by stabbing the other 65 times.  She had also posted threats and even confessed online.  She did escape capture until she showed up at the funeral.  Being a juvenile under Mexican law, she may only spend seven years in jail.

umadyet news: Week in review, Recap:

  • Bullying is OK as long as it’s school sponsored.
  • Our country is in debt, however the board of directors should get a raise.
  • Don’t break up or fight via text message.
  • The best way to educate is to kick kids out of school.
  • If you take a nude selfie unless you plan on it going public.

Do you have a news story you would like to share?  Visit my about page to contact me.

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  1. #1 by The Hip Grandmother on April 14, 2014 - 6:29 pm

    Wow. Enlightening entries. The one about the ring…that dude must have been stupid in the head. And the Nazi/Jew Day entry…what??
    You have some very interesting stories and I definitely will be back to read more.


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