umadyet news: Week in review 03/23/2014

Welcome to umadyet’s Week in review 03/23/2014

As stated in the title post (found here), I would like to start sharing my views about recent news and events.  My vision is to get local news and events from YOU to share here.  I am not interested in just regurgitating links to news websites.  I am looking for stories that relate to the overall view of my blog. (See my about section here.)  I look forward to hearing what you have to share!

Here are some articles I have found that flipped my lid.

Ohio student jailed 13 days for pocket knife:

Let’s see if I get this right.  Someone informs the Principal about his youtube videos. The principal then made him empty his pockets (nothing found) and his car (without his consent).  What was found?  A folding blade pocket knife.  If you have not heard of this yet, you may think “here is another kid looking to cause trouble!”  This is not the case at all.  This student was attending a school for firefighter training and the knife was part of is part of a first responder kit, in his EMT medical vest.  Now granted, with the politically-correct-protect-everybody-from-everything society, kids are getting kicked out for making guns with their hands and pop tarts.  So to have a knife in your EMT jacket, locked in your car, in the parking lot, the school may have a very small point.  Bull crap!  Is there not a bit of common sense left?  This is a kid that has been trained to help people.  He has equipped himself to be able to do just that, in case of an emergency, to be able to cut a seat belt if needed.  We need to bring something back to life called judgement.  If this kid was flashing the knife around in class or had threatened somebody, take action!  The only reason the school suspected anything was due to a dang video.  Not at school and not related to school.  Can we bring some heart and thought into the decisions that are made?  If convicted of a felony, his life goals may be ruined.

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Sixth grader suspended for razor blade:

Another school incident that should make you sick!  A student found her friend trying to kill himself with a razor.  She did the right thing and took it away.  She saved a life!  There is a parade on Monday!  No parade. No thank you from the school.  When she informed the school staff they suspended her for 10 days!  They have also put her up for expulsion.  Has the world gone completely nuts!  Another example of zero intelligence, um tolerance gone bad.

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Detroit to raise parking tickets:

Nothing new about a large city raising fines right?  No, not really.  However this story is a short look into the people that used to be in charge and how they have ran things (into the ground.)  It currently costs Detroit $32 to give out a $30 ticket.  WHAT?  How was this not noticed before?  Every government, state, local, and federal spends way too much on just about everything they do with nobody to call them on it.  If I ran a department that lost $2 for every sale I made, I would be kicked out on my can.  My boss would too.  The fact that this has been going on  just shows the problems that Detroit and other governments are facing. Guess who they should answer to?  US! We are the boss.  The only problem is we don’t ask for the financial report and we cannot just fire those that are responsible.  I would not have time for that and I assume neither would you.  We need to make the time.  We have elected someone to represent us.  Maybe we need to look deeper into who we elect in the future.

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Other umadyet news:

Michigan teacher gives fifth graders non-alcoholic beer.  – Neither fired or suspended.  The student who brought the beer will not be suspended. Parents, no interview I can find.  The beer in glass bottles, (there are BARS that don’t use glass bottles for safety reasons.)

Alabama man accused of throwing brick over Facebook update. – The alleged brick thrower allegedly exposed himself to multiple women.  The brick thrown at a neighbor’s house who had posted about the alleged mans trial on Facebook.  The good news is no one was hurt (physically.)  The homeowner took  V.P. Biden’s advice and fired off two shots from his shotgun.  The brick thrower (alleged), fled in his truck.

Toned-body women told to cover up at gym.  Sorry, you look like the image that most of the people coming here are striving to reach. You are not welcome here if you show that. This is a physical fitness gym.

umadyet news: Week in review, Recap:

  • Young adult had a knife to save people.
  • A kid told someone about  a razor, and another kid did not die because of it.
  • You may save the government money by not paying your parking ticket .
  • Glass bottles of beer; Ok in school not in some bars.
  • Innocent until proven guilty, or posted on Facebook, or after throwing a brick.
  • If you look fit, you do not belong in the gym anymore.  Go get some bacon!

Let me know what you see this week.  Send me any umadyet newsworthy items you come across.  Visit the main page here to contact me.



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