umadyet news- Week in review

In addition to exploring the everyday madness in our lives I would like to look into today’s news.  I aim to publish a week in review post to dive into these stories a bit.  I do not want to just share a link and say, there it is, it’s news, see!!!  With today’s media we all know the big stories. (I am sure I will comment on those as well.)  I think the little story that does not get the attention at 6:00 has the chance to be more interesting.

That being said, how do I find this news if it’s not media worthy?  I do hope to hear from you to accomplish this!  I encourage you to send me anything you feel fits this theme.  My main focus would be on news / stories that leave you scratching your head.  Serious, humorous, depressing or uplifting I am interested!

Here are some questions and statements you may think about when sharing with me.

  • What were they thinking?  
  • Why didn’t someone do something about that?  
  • Are you serious?! 
  • This makes me mad, agitated, distressed, flustered, crazed, nuts,ect…
  • I cannot believe this happened in my town.
  • Any story in your day-to-day life that may not have made it to the news.

When possible please include a link to article so I can reference it in my post.

Ways to share this information with me:

I’m excited to see what you dig up to share!


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  3. umadyet news: Week in review 04/06/2014 | umadyet
  4. umadyet news: Week in review 04/20/2014 | UmadYet
  5. umadyetnews: Week in review 04/28/2014 | UmadYet

So, Are UmadYet? Please comment below!

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